Beyond Lipstick & Lattes

A collection of women in different areas of the fashion world & of course their favorite lipstick.
And a few other things I like.

Maddie Etter, Substance Manager & Designer


Current Position: 

Manager and Design Director: Substance for Fashion Conscious People

Owner: Phyllis + Hazel

Prior Internships:  Abercrombie & Fitch - Girls Woven Bottoms Intern

Lip Candy: Maybelline Vivids in Hot Plum

Coffee: Latte from our Columbus Neighbors, One Line Coffee

Describe a typical day:

As the manager of a store front, I spend a considerable amount of time handling merchandising, customer, inventory and sales related tasks. I open the store, I run the deposits, I wait on customers with a smile. It’s my job to know where everything in the store is. We have two stores, so communicating with our owner and other shop in Cincinnati Ohio is crucial for organizing product stock and getting customers what they want and need. I also run our E-Commerce business. We have a web developer for major changes, but when it comes to adding new products, adjusting the inventory, receiving and shipping packages, and coordinating photography, it’s up to me. Running a website is, in and of itself a full-time job, so I try to give it the attention it deserves while being careful not to neglect customers or other store tasks.

Our store is also unique in that we design in the store front. Our mission is to be a sustainable company and leave a small carbon footprint, so we try to re-purpose any damaged items that com through the store. Every 3 months we produce a collection for sale in stores and online using our salvage. Most recently we used broken jewelry and buttons collected over the last 7 years, paired with over-sized button-down shirts to create a collection of entirely hand-beaded, one of a kind collars. My job is to brainstorm ideas for our theme, determine what supplies we will need, design a plan of execution, and over see the production of every collection. Myself and our Design Assistant, Katelyn, split the work designing and sewing the last collection for our store and we were really excited with the results!

I spend about 45 hours a week at my “day job” and use my two days off a week to work on my own collection of clothing and jewelry for Phyllis + Hazel. I sell my items primarily out of the lofts space at Substance with the occasional arts festival or craft fair booth. It’s really like having two jobs. Some weeks it doesn’t feel like I get to have any time off. I have to keep myself to a tight schedule and prioritize tasks to get things completed on time, but if feels really good every month when I see my sales results. Not a bad paycheck bonus either. Right now I’m gearing up for a fashion show sponsored by our Alternative Fashion Mob in Columbus, Ohio. Details about the event can be found here:


Most memorable moment(s): 

I graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design in 3 years instead of 4. It takes most people 5 years now to get through college. I was 20 when I graduated. I couldn’t go have a drink at the bar with my friends to celebrate, but it saved me money and kick-started my professional career.

Can’t live without: Beagles, dogs in general, but specifically Beagles.

Must have (now):

Zoya 5-Free Nail Polish- They did this great promotion for Earth Day where you could exchange your old nail polishes from other brands with new Zoya polish at a great discount and they’ll recycle your old polish for you according to EPA standards! That’s so great. 

Must have (later):

A bed frame. It might seem more important than nail polish, but a mattress on the floor is just as comfy and who has the money to have Ikea deliver? What we need is a friend with a truck.

Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize:

The Short North Arts District in Columbus Ohio. That’s where our business is located. There are so many great small independent companies and restaurants sourcing locally grown produce. 

For coffee I like One Line Coffee, for lunch, Northstar Cafe, for dinner, Sushi Rock, Basi Italia, or Marcella’s and for dessert, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.



If you’re trying to start a business of your own, making a budget and sticking to it is really crucial. Save all your receipts, write everything down and ask people you know who are good at money management for help or get an accountant. Learning to ask for help instead of trying to do everything myself has been hard, but it’s really paid off.

What’s next? 

I’d like to have my own store front by the time I’m 30, which feels far away right now (I’m 24) but I’m sure it will fly by. I need to learn more about what it takes financially to run a store front, and what’s involved in applying for a small business loan before I jump into a huge commitment like that. I would like to spend more time traveling to get a sense of where I might like to settle down. I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life and I’d like to visit more places before I put down roots and open a shop. Long term, I would like to sell my own clothing and jewelry at wholesale to other businesses.

photo credit: 1st & 3rd, Sasha Bohn.

Erica Zurmehly, Victoria’s Secret PR


Current Position: Victoria’s Secret Public Relations

Prior Internships: Vogue Magazine and I started as an intern at Victoria’s Secret

Lip Candy: I’m madly in love with NARS lipstick in “Heat Wave.” It’s my go-to on a gloomy day

Coffee: Is essential to me – can’t live without it. I love a soy latte – plain and simple.

Describe a typical day: Maj, glam, madness, fun, creative..

Most memorable moment(s): When I was hired on full-time at Victoria’s Secret. That was a great day. And my first VS Fashion Show was pretty glam too!


Can’t live without: My family, friends, boyfriend, dog – total basic necessities of life.

Must have (now):  Love, happiness & positivity

Must have (later): I’m going to say the same as above because it’s so important to me to have those three things at all times…..but a vintage Chanel wouldn’t hurt either!!

Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize: Shop: Rowe and Ladybird boutiques. Eat: Third and Hollywood & Northstar Cafe. Socialize: Club 185


Advice: Never give up on your dreams and life’s too short, live freely and with emotion.

What’s next? I can’t wait to start a family! And, of course, I want to continue my career with VS and Piece of Chic because I want to be a working mom but I am most excited to have a family of my own some day with the man of my dreams!  (I’m a total hopeless romantic).

Erika Dellatorre, (614) Fashion Editor

Current Position: Fashion Editor for (614) Magazine and Co-Founder of Piece of Chic.

Prior Internships: I worked as a styling intern for (614) Magazine before landing the Fashion Editor role.  

Lip Candy: Right now I am loving Nars in “Carthage.”

Coffee: Cinnamon Honey Latte…delish! Like sinful.   

Describe a typical day: I am not a morning person so I usually sleep in until the last possible second.  That doesn’t stop me from sneaking in some puppy cuddles before I’m off to my 9 to 5.  During the day I am usually workin’ it while I work—managing Piece Of Chic’s social media channels.  After that its off to the gym, followed by a walk with my furbabes.  If I don’t have a meeting for Piece of Chic or I’m not planning (614) Magazine next fashion spread, I’ll unwind with a good dinner, a glass or red and a reality show (my guilty pleasure).  I travel a lot and like to have the weekends to myself so I purposely load up my week, but that’s not to say I can’t be swayed to attend a happy hour or two!!

Most memorable moment(s): Professionally, attending New York Fashion Week and The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show were “I have arrived” moments for me.  Also being recognized from the Piece of Chic blog in public locally was the best feeling ever!!  As for personal moments, I think Drake says it best “I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people I won’t forget.” 

Can’t live without: My Iphone, Starbucks coffee, chapstick and leopard print.


Must have (now): Tickets to Lollapalooza and a trapeze bag (If only it could be Celine)

Must have (later): A Cartier ”Love” bracelet. 

Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize: Columbus is such a little midwest melting pot for good food and shopping, along with great company.  I love Harvest Pizza, Tasi and of course Northstar for casual eats.  My favorite place to meet up with friends and catch up over drinks is Eleven!! I also love shopping in the Short North—all of the local boutiques are fab and so eclectic    

Advice: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do"-Steve Jobs

What’s next? 

Aside from Piece Of Chic, I am also partnering with my friend Alison Legman on new venture called Haute Blog.  Its a pop-up workshop for women who want to blog. We’ve taken the guess work out of blogging and condensed everything you need to know about launching your blog into 6.5 hours.  ladies will enter our workshop with an idea and leave with a well-designed blog, as well as the know-how to manage it later.

In addition to our blog Piece Of Chic…you’ll soon be able to “Shop Chic.” We will be selling merchandise curated by the three chic chicks!! We are so excited to launch in two weeks!!

Leyla Fayyaz, Fox TV’s Good Day New York


Current Position: Entertainment Producer/ Celebrity Booker at Fox TV’s Good Day New York morning show. I cover anything entertainment related—fashion, beauty, dining, shows, movies, celebrity, books, etc.

Prior Internships: Sony Music publicity dept. (worked with acts like Jessica Simpson, Three 6 Mafia, Beyonce, Prince, and John Legend) and ABC News.

Lip Candy: Smashbox “Inspiration” (Breast Cancer Awareness limited edition)

Coffee: Hugh Jackman’s “Laughing man” charity/fair trade coffee

Describe a typical day: Start work at 8am, we are on the air LIVE until 10am. I’ll greet my guests, brief them on their segments, set up in the studio, then go into the control room while the actual segment is happening to oversee the direction of the interviews. On LIVE tv anything can happen so we have to be quick to act. After the show, there’s a morning planning meeting to go over the segments and guests for the next day. On to the drawing board where I write, edit video, and produce graphics for the segments for the next day. In between, I am emailing to get people to come on the show and checking all information platforms to see what’s making news, what people are talking about, who/what they are interested in, and of course, what they are wearing.


Most memorable moment(s): There are a lot, but my Top 3 would be giving Beyonce a blue snuggie during a shoot, right around the time her baby “Blu” was conceived. Also, being the first to book Justin Beiber to perform on tv and watching him become a huge star shortly thereafter. Lastly, on a personal level—getting life advice from the late Geraldine Ferraro in the makeup room during her frequent visits to our show.

 Can’t live without: My support system of friends and family, who always offer words of advice.  And—my Android calendar.

Must have (now): Jimmy Choo flats. They are the most comfortable! Also, metallic painted pants are super hot.

Must have (later): A tailored, yet classic trench coat (best bet is Burberry, obviously)

 Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize:

Shop: A boutique called Jessie James in the West Village NYC

Eat: The Smile to go

Socialize: A little cafe shop called Lost Weekend NYC in the Lower East Side and Spring Lounge in Nolita


Advice: Always keep learning. The more you know and the more skills you have to offer, the more options you will have in your career. Take classes to broaden your skills and read as much as possible. I am constantly taking classes outside of work for editing, photography, writing, etc. and I read anything I can get my hands on—Particularly magazines on a variety of topics so that I have an awareness of what many types of people are discussing. Just because you work in fashion or beauty doesn’t mean that you won’t gain some helpful knowledge from that Science magazine that’s lying around!

The other key thing I’ve learned and try to remind myself is to keep perspective. Regardless of what other people around you are saying, be able to take a look at your situation from the outside and realize your worth. Once you know your value, and can focus in on your best qualities, the possibilities are endless in what you have to offer. You won’t know how hard something is going to be until you try to do it. Ignore people who are discouraging— It will only keep you from trying. And, you never know unless you try.

What’s next?

I hope to have my own production company that creates content that is informative, helpful, and fun for people to watch on a web platform—Something that will make people’s lives better, whether it is advice on where to eat, what to eat, where to travel, what to wear, or what entertainment to consume. 

Kime Buzzelli, 90210 Costume Designer


Current Position: Costume Designer for 90210 on the CW & freelance painter

Prior Internships: Casting assistant for the Sobo sisters, Assisted fashion photographers for modeling agencies in LA

Lip Candy:  NARS Afghan Rug, Laura Mercier Mulberry lip stain, Tinted Coral lip stain lip sheer by Sugar

Coffee:  Iced Americano with a dash of cream (unless a Vietnamese iced coffee is an option)

Describe a typical day: The exciting thing is that most days on a TV set are never typical—there is always some crazy curve ball. My Normal work day often involves waking up sometime between 4:00 am and 6:00 am, heading to set to dress 90210 background, or do fittings with cast, pretty much non-stop action, going to meetings- breaking down the script and coming up with the clothing that will best portray the scenes the way the writers imagine it.  I call the process “the puzzle” because there are so many scenes and interactions between the actors that need to be carefully placed together—all the patterns and colors should be composed like a painting.  Some days we head to location, or head out shopping for 8+ hours.  Weirdly, shopping is often the least glamorous part of my day (schleppping a million bags and boxes across malls while my wrists lost circulation, trying to remember which floor my car is parked on, stuck in ridiculous traffic jams at all times of the day). My average day is about 14 hours-, but I have worked 18-20 hours when needed—which makes dressing for a day’s work very difficult. I’ve discovered that most of my shoes hurt after about 12 hours standing!

The weekend typical day:  Normally I drive back to Joshua Tree where our home is and sleep in as long as possible—and cuddle with my dog and husband.  I catch up on what I’ve been missing, read fashion magazines and art books, and then visit the local flea market & small town.  Joshua tree has the best star gazing, and we just got a hammock!


Most memorable moment: There are too many!  Being published in Laird Borrelli’s Fashion Illustration Next book, Seeing my artwork on Vans shoes, and Urban Decay makeup palette.  My favorite is probably my high school fashion idol Diane Keaton coming up to me at a Vintage Expo to show her friend my outfit and then tell me how much she loved my 30’s inspired dress and boots.

Getting married in less than 48 hours in our backyard is also up on the list!

Can’t live without: (My hubby & his sense of humor, my family & pets) besides that- PIZZA!  I am a big fan of pizza. I’m also pretty obsessed with my collection of ART & fashion books— I use them all the time for reference and inspiration.  As an artist I am constantly drawn to things that tell a story, which translates to me being on the verge of being a creative hoarder. 

Must have (now): I’ve been really into wearing vintage giant kimono type sack jackets or big Pod shaped things with wild prints (my friend calls them man-repellers and says it is a good thing I’m married).

Must have (later): Released in November… Grace Coddington’s new memoir book, and some much needed sleep!


Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize:  LOVE to shop at Reformation, WASTELAND, Squaresville, Dream Collective. Love to eat at Chung King in Monterey Park (spicy!), Lemonade, also heart SAGE in Echo Park coconut desserts. I don’t have any free time— so I hardly get to socialize, but LOVE seeing shows & meeting pals for BBQ in Joshua Tree at Pappy and Harriets.  I also love seeing my creative pals at New Image Art Gallery shows.

Advice :  Don’t be afraid, just try things…Let go.  I did many jobs for free when I was getting started.  I styled all kinds of jobs simply for the experience and tear sheets—down the road all that networking paid off.  Make as many things as you can.  Try not to get hung up on the little failures or setbacks.  I believe that the negativity or the positivity that you bring to any situation defines which direction it’s headed.  If you can, intern often and be open to new ways of doing things.  I have to tell myself daily to seize the moment to do something because often there really isn’t a perfect time or place. Just start doing something (anything) and often— the ideas take over and open up to something amazing.  Be KIND to people—I swear this is the best thing I can say…because if you are a monster your reputation will haunt you.  I have seen countless people get stuck in a miserable way, and these thoughts define them. Don’t get hung up on age, what you have or don’t have, and try to avoid false limits.  At work, always avoid adding more drama.  It takes way more energy to be negative and toxic.  I try to only focus on the things that I want to happen.

What’s next?  Working on 90210 Season 5 until March. I also just opened a little desert vintage shop and gallery in Yucca Valley CA called THE END, near Joshua tree inside an old hair salon—It’s a fun gypsy desert hideaway.  After the show stops taping, I will hopefully have a little break for making paintings. 


Dana-Maxx Pomerantz, Designer


Current Position: Founder and Designer of Dana-Maxx

Prior Internships: Betsey Johnson

Lip Candy: MAC Lady Danger!!

Coffee: Dark with a touch of half and half

Describe a typical day: What I love about working in this industry is that there is no typical day. Every day is different, which is part of the excitement. You never know what to expect! On an average, my day is filled with answering emails, going to fittings, reviewing new fabrics, preparing orders, meeting with press, buyers, and vendors, conference calls etc.

Most memorable moment: I believe that each moment and opportunity is a stepping stone to the next, so I try and appreciate each moment as something unique and special. I really don’t think there was one moment in particular that stands out in my mind. Just lots of little moments that add up!

Can’t live without: My stuffed animal Boo-Boo. I’ve had him for over 20 years now. He’s my cuddle and travel buddy - even at 30 years old!!

Must have (now): Dana-Maxx Emma “Badain” Coat. It’s an amazing statement coat and it’s faux fur!

Must have (later): Dana-Maxx Vanessa “Punta” Top and Emilie “Luisa” Maxi Skirt… It’s not coming out until Spring 13, but I LOVE both pieces!

Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize: I really love a good vintage store… Hell’s Kitchen flea market is great. You can find some great hidden gems here! Plus, it’s a good place to bring a friend and catch up over a latte.

Advice: Do what you love, don’t ever compare yourself to others, and the only person that will stop you from succeeding in life is you.

What’s next?

Dana-Maxx for Sculptz tights just came out, which I am thrilled about!! We also have some fun projects coming up within the year that I am really looking forward to working on.

Jacqueline Yates, Freelance Beauty Assistant at ESSENCE


Current Position: Freelance Beauty Assistant, Essence Magazine

Prior Internships: Previously, I was the Beauty Intern at Pierce Mattie Public Relations

Lip Candy:  MAC Ruby Woo, YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Glossy Stains, Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Lip Pencils

Coffee: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Describe a typical day: I’m responsible for researching new beauty products, calling in products to be tested and reviewed, covering industry events, writing a monthly column, “Beauty on a Budget,”and weekly beauty posts for  I also do a host of administrative duties from making sure the editor’s calendars are updated daily to maintaining the upkeep of our beauty closet. There’s never a typical day as an assistant! Never a dull moment, and I LOVE it!  Thankful for the experience.

Most memorable moment: There have been so many amazing moments, but I have to say receiving my first byline is definitely something I will never forget. 

Can’t live without: My Clarisonic Mia Brush!  Can’t imagine where my face would be without it.  #scarythoughts

Must have (now): Julep Quick Dry Polish Drops.  I’m always in a hurry, and this helps expedite my mani’s.

Must have (later): I’m still on the haunt for an Oxblood red leather pleated skirt.  The color is SUPER MAJOR this fall.

Advice: Try to meet as many people as possible, network, and always keep in touch! Try to draw inspiration from all walks of life, and never see any tasks as being too small.  Know how to humble yourself, but still carry a confidence that speaks volumes. 

What’s next? 

Climbing my way up the magazine ladder.  Also, making my personal blog, 2 Snaps & a Twist, bigger and better within the next year!

Nic Screws, Senior Fashion Market Editor At Esquire


Current Position: Senior Fashion Market Editor at Esquire

Prior Internships: Men’s Health & (the previously folded, newly relaunched) Best Life followed by gigs at Lucky & Travel + Leisure.

Lip Candy: Nars Turkish Delight is a safe go-to, but currently living for the new Tarte Lip Surgence lip tints. All of them.

Coffee: Iced dopio with a splash of soy. Year round.

Describe a typical day: Juggling market events, re-sees & shoot prep — all while instagramming the shit out of my every move.

Most memorable moment: It hasn’t happened yet but I neeeeed to style Tim Tebow. The campaign to make that happen starts now.


Can’t live without:

Clothes - My Belstaff black moto leather jacket; Equipment blouses & black jeans (faves include James couture & JBrand super skinny in Hewson).

Beauty - Lucas’ Papaw ointment (from Australia, worth the shipping fees); my dermatologist Dr. Diane Madfes & the maintenance of my blonde locks (thanks to my hair duo Diaz & Kimberly at Ion Studio in SOHO).

Misc - The Gators; auntiehood; Malbec.

Must have (now): A wedding dress, in the market for one now. Only the most stressful purchase of my life — but no pressure.

Must have (later): Coveting these jewel-toned suede brogue ankle booties x YSL. But not a necessity when marriage planning (so I shall remind myself through May 4).


Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize:

Shop: Barneys for high/Zara for low/ShopBop for dot com; Eat: Smorgasburg in Dumbo on Sundays or Pok Pok NY is a new fav; Socialize: Totally dig a rad hotel bar … current faves include the Hotel Americano or Wythe hotel. But really can be seen cocktailing at any place with a rooftop (in summer) or a fireplace (in winter).

Advice:  Learn the art of networking, it’s invaluable in both fashion & journalism. Also: utilize & embrace the evolution of the industries. There are so many new opportunities & mediums to explore.

What’s next?

Some fun stuff to come on Esquire dot com featuring me & my two favorite things: style + jocks.

Brooke Ely Danielson, Associate Accessories Editor at GLAMOUR


Current Position: Associate Accessories Editor

Prior Internships:  VOGUE, ELLE, Halston, Cynthia Vincent

Lip Candy: Chanel Syrup

Coffee: Organic Dark Roast from 71 Irving

Describe a typical day: I get up early and work out, get ready, and go see the latest collections at PR/design houses, meet PR people- see the collections, and then head into the office. Sometimes I will have coffee/breakfast with PR teams and catch up. Depending on our shoot schedule, I am constantly researching, and working on, pulling merchandise for the story at hand. After work I usually have a cocktail or preview to attend, then the gym (if I didn’t make it in the morning) then home! I am constantly on email, from the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep.

Most memorable moment:  Being on set with Steven Meisel as an intern. It was such an incredible day, start to finish. I got to chat with Raquel Zimmermann, and witness one of my favorite photographers in his element. Truly a special day I will never forget. A close second would be chatting with Jason Sudeikis- one of the most charming and nice guys in the entertainment business, hands down.

Can’t live without: My family, friends, the ocean.

Must have (now): Chanel Creepers!

Must have (later):  A closet full of Oscar de la Renta.

Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize:

1. Barneys / Stubbs and Wootton

2. BG / The Smile / Morandi / The Grey Dog / Angelica Kitchen / Choshi

3. 21 club / Wilfie and Nell /

Advice: Have integrity, Work hard, know that this too shall pass, do not be afraid to ask for what you want, and be Loyal.

What’s next? 

I hope something really great. Every day I try and be a better person-grow, learn, listen, and have compassion for others. I just hope to make a difference in the world one day. I think television would be fun down the road!

Khola Waddy-Jones, CMH Fashion Week


Current Position: Board of Directors & Social Media Manager - CMH Fashion Week

Prior Internships: N/A

Lip Candy: Ha! Believe it or not, Carmex!

Coffee: Starbucks Venti non-fat latte. Yum!

Describe a typical day: The first thing I do each morning is check email and the multiple social media outlets I manage. I value my moments of reflection so I head to my deck take in the fresh morning air. Then its coffee, my laptop and work begins. My evenings are usually family time or if it’s Fashion Week, events, events, events!

Most memorable moment: Too many to list!

Can’t live without: My husband, my dogs and FASHION!

Must have (now): My Maxwell Scott ‘Clarissa’ bag.

Must have (later): I’ll still be loving my ‘Clarissa’ bag. It’s a classic!

Favorite place to shop/eat/socialize: Ebay/Sidebar 122/at a friend’s dining room table ;-)

Advice: Learn from every experience, good or bad.

What’s next?

My goal is to continue to make my work with CMH Fashion Week count. I want to see us grow into one of biggest Fashion Weeks in the country….then the world. Dream big! There is so much creative talent in Columbus but previously we didn’t have the platform to showcase it. Now with CMHFW, we do. Each year it has gotten more and more attention from people not only locally but worldwide. This year we had an audition request from a designer in Africa. We also got multiple requests from creatives outside Columbus asking to be part of CMH Fashion Week. Our tag line is #ColumbusIsFashion and it really is.